That Role Playing / A Fantasy Strategic Adventure Action Game

About This Game

“In a sinister days, when the darkness condensed in tricking all of us, only the Light of our Souls and clear-eyed Consciousness could serve well to save the people of The Fantasy Kingdom. Once again — a brave and skilful knight — sets forth in a quest to find the legendary seven Crystals of Light, with a strong will to return alive and unspoiled, to help the Mother Land… Journey onward and let the Life force be with us!”

The game grants you a chance to dive into retro-stylized adventure in a far march to collect all essential artifacts and find a way to return back. The title “That Role Playing” itself is a reference to pen & graph paper game created by the author. The basic strategy element and the key to victory here is a watchful and chary usage of available resources.

Game Features

  • Your Fantasy Hero on The Mission
  • Broad Adventure of Exploration
  • Confront Monsters & Solve Puzzles
  • Exploit Strategy to Gain Advantages
  • Multiple Secrets to Reveal and the Mystery
  • Packed with Music & Sound Effects
  • Imaginative Graphical Presentation

Cover Art


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